Suillus sibiricus (Singer) Singer
Family: Suillaceae
[Boletus sibiricus (Singer) A.H. Sm.,  more]
Suillus sibiricus image
Suillus sibiricus (Singer) Singer:

Distinguishing Characters: Boletoid stature; pileus pallid yellowish background spotted with reddish brown patches composed of appressed squamules, often slightly umbonate, glutinous, margin covered with evanescent, thin, floccose veil remnants; pore surface yellowish, bruising brownish orange, depressed to decurrent; stipe often slightly over 1 cm in diam., glandulose, reddish brown glandulae covering a dull yellowish background, vinaceous stains developing toward base; veil evanescent, thin, floccose whitish to dull yellowish; spores ellipsoid to subcylindric, smooth, 8.0-11.0 x 3.8-4.2 µm; growing in association with conifers.

Compare: Suillus americanus - pileus bright yellow background spotted with reddish brown patches or streaks of reddish fibrils, often remaining bright yellow with age; stipe typically less than 1 cm in diam.; spores 8.0-11.0 (12) x 3.0-4.0 µm; growing in association with Eastern White Pine - Pinus strobus L. Suillus umbonatus - pileus dull yellowish brown to pallid olive brown or olive-gray; stipe typically less than 1 cm in diam., often gelatinous below the veil; veil gelatinous and somewhat membranous, drying to dull reddish brown appressed zone; spores 7.0-9.0 (10) x 4.0-4.5 µm.


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