Boletus atkinsonii Peck
Family: Boletaceae
Boletus atkinsonii image
Charles Horton Peck  
Peck CH. 1905. Report of the State Botanist 1904. Bulletin of the New York State Museum 94: 20.

Boletus atkinsoni n. sp.


Pileus fleshy, convex or nearly plane, dry, grayish brown or yellowish brown, sometimes minutely rimosely squamulose, flesh white, taste mild; tubes convex, plane or slightly concave in the mass, adnate or slightly depressed around the stem, 3-4 lines long, the mouths minute, at first whitish and stuffed, soon open and yellow or subochraceous; stem stout, equal or slightly thickened at one or both ends, solid, reticulated wholly or at the top only with fine anastomosing brownish lines, pallid; spores fusiform or oblong, .0004-.0005 of an inch long, .00016-.0002 broad.

Pileus 3-4 inches broad; stem 2-4 inches long, 6-12 lines thick.

Woods. Port Jefferson. August. The species belongs to the section Edules. The reticulations of the stem are so delicate that they sometimes nearly disappear in drying.