Anthostomella lodhii S. Ahmad
Source: Index Fungorum
Family: Xylariaceae
not available
Sydowia 2: 72 (Protologue)
Perithecia 120-215 µ, solitary or cespitose, globose or subglobose, innate-erumpent; ostiole short, opening on the surface; wall 10.5-14.8 µ thick, formed of interwoven hyaline hyphae; epidermal cella and cells surrrounding the perithecia containing numerous dark-brown hyphae. Asci 8.3 - 10 µ × 58.6-66.5 µ cylindric-clavate, 8-spored; spores 5.8-6.5 × 11.6-15 µ, ovate-oblong, uniseriate, dark brown, 1-celled. Paraphyses 2.5-58 µ, simple, filiform, hyaline.

HOLOTYPE: In petioles of palms, Horticultural Garden, Lahore; 5 April 1948. S. Ahmad 2283.