Anonymous, Fl. Hung. Exs.
Sectio Botanica Musei Nationalis Hungarici [1-1000]

Cornell University, Plant Pathology Herbarium
Catalog #: Fl.Hung.exs.0805
Melanotaenium de Bary

University of Illinois Herbarium
Catalog #: ILL00060500
G de Moesz s.n. 05 December 1927
Melanothaenium ari
Hungary, Budapest; Budapest

University of California Berkeley, University Herbarium
Catalog #: UC497684
G. De Moesz #s.n. 12 May 1927
Melanotaenium ari (Cooke) Lagerh.
Hungary, in silvis montis "Vadskerthegy" [in the mountain forest of Vadskerthegy]