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Harvard University, Farlow Herbarium

Gyrostemon vimineus W. Fitzgerald
barcode-00037472W. V. Fitzgerald   423221903-11-00
Australia (Country), Western Australia, Cunderdin

Allantomyces caenidarum M. C. Williams & Lichtwardt
barcode-00081121Marv. C. Williams & R. W. Lichtwardt   AUS-140-31991-04-12
Australia (Country), Western Australia, from South Dandalup River near Hwy. 20

Legeriomyces rarus Lichtwardt & M. C. Williams
barcode-00081122Marv. C. Williams & R. W. Lichtwardt   AUS-128-11991-04-05
Australia (Country), Western Australia, Warren River at the junction of Cutting Road and Wheatly Road 10 krn north-northeast of Quininup

Furculomyces westraliensis M. C. Williams & Lichtwardt
barcode-00081126Marv. C. Williams & R. W. Lichtwardt   AUS-151-31991-04-18
Australia (Country), Western Australia, rock pool above Deep River at Fernhook Falls off Beardmore Rd, E of Hwy. 1, in southern Western Australia

Amoebidium australiense Lichtwardt & M. C. Williams
barcode-00081139   AUS-122-31991-03-29
Australia (Country), Western Australia, rock pool facing Serpentine Falls, Serpentine National Park, Western Australia (site AUS-122)

Smittium angustum M. C. Williams & Lichtwardt
barcode-00081214Marv. C. Williams & R. W. Lichtwardt   AUS-129-11991-04-05
Australia (Country), Western Australia, Westralia (province of Westralia is located in the southwestern tip of the state of Western Australia); Lefroy Brook (site AUS- 129), 0.1 km S of Pemberton city limit

Smittium fruticosum M. C. Williams & Lichtwardt
barcode-00081227Marv. C. Williams & R. W. Lichtwardt   AUS-131-61991-04-06
Australia (Country), Western Australia, base of Big Brook Dam, NNW of Pemberton

Tilletia whiteochloae R. G. Shivas & K. Vánky R. G. Shivas & K. Vánky
barcode-00213589C. Vánky & K. Vánky   48792000-03-29
Australia (Country), Western Australia, Kimberley Region, 35 km NNW Kununurra, 1 km E Black Rock Falls 15°39' S, 128°39' E, -15.65 128.65

Restiosporium meneyae K. Vánky K. Vánky
barcode-00213579K. A. Websdane, C. Vánky & K. Vánky   46881996-01-30
Australia (Country), Western Australia, 200 km N Perth, Brand Hwy, Dandaragan Distr, inter Cataby Roadhouse et Badingarra. 30°33'27" S, 115°28'20" E, -30.559166 115.474444

barcode-00284668C. Vánky & K. Vánky   1996-02-13
Australia (Country), Western Australia, Manjimup Distr, 140 km W urbe Albany, -24.91666667 116.68333333, 130m

barcode-00284672C. Vánky & K. Vánky   1996-02-10
Australia (Country), Western Australia, Albany Distr, Cape Rich, -35.6075 116.75, 15m

Ustilago lituana R. G. Shivas, Vánky & J. H. Cunnington
barcode-00284674M. J. Ryley, T. S. Marney & R. G. Shivas   2005-08-12
Australia (Country), Western Australia, Port Headland, Cooke Point, -20.28333333 118.63333333, 3m

Rhizopogon rubescens (Tulasne & C. Tulasne) Tulasne & C. Tulasne
barcode-00431408F. Stoward   9
Australia (Country), Western Australia, [data not captured]

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