Dataset: ARIZ
Search Criteria: Czechoslovakia; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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University of Arizona, Gilbertson Mycological Herbarium, specimen-based

Ceriporia metamorphosa (Fuckel) Ryvarden & Gilb.
ARIZ-M-AN19309z. pouzar   1988-10-05
Czechoslovakia, habitat sylva virginea, prope Breclav

Antrodiella canadensis (Overh.) Niemelä
ARIZ-M-AN18989P. Vampola   MJ 138/901990-03-04
Czechoslovakia, 6559c - Jihlava- Stare Hory, ad ripam dextram fluminis Jihlava

Antrodiella fissiliformis (Pilát) Gilb. & Ryvarden
ARIZ-M-AN19073P. Vampola   1989-08-05
Czechoslovakia, 6659 c- Trest, Velky Spicak (733m)

Postia lowei (Pilát) Jülich
ARIZ-M-AN22756A. Pilat   4884531937-06-00
Czechoslovakia, Carpatorossia, in silvis mixtis, prope vicum Trebusany

Oxyporus obducens (Pers.) Donk
ARIZ-M-AN22924P. Vampola   133/901990-03-04
Czechoslovakia, Jihlava, Stare Hory hortus publicus fluminis Jihlava

Phellinus vorax (Harkn.) Cerný
AN 010184Alois ?erný   1983-02-26
Czechoslovakia, Vysoké Tatry, Popradské Peso

AN 028936P. Vampola   626/901990-10-09
Czechoslovakia, Uli?ské, Humenné, area tuta Rozok, Krivé Dist.

AN 034827Alois Cerny   1985-12-28
Czechoslovakia, Velká Niva, Šumava

AN 034828Alois Cerny   1964-07-28
Czechoslovakia, Jamske Pleso, Vysoke Tatry

Oxyporus latemarginatus (Durieu & Mont.) Donk
AN 034656P. Vampola   1988-06-27
Czechoslovakia, Vysočina Region

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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