Dataset: ARIZ
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University of Arizona, Gilbertson Mycological Herbarium, specimen-based

Gloeodontia discolor (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Boidin
ARIZ-M-AN12338K.P. Dumont, R.E. Cain, G.J. Samuels & B. Manara   1972-07-22
Venezuela, Along Rio Los Caracas, S. of Los Caracas, Dto. Fed.

ARIZ-M-AN01289H. Sydow   1201924-12-27
Venezuela, Caguita Pr, Puerto Santa Cruz

Stiptophyllum erubescens (Berk.) Ryvarden
AN 026907J.D.S., J.L.C., & D.C.T.   C-123(VE-437)1993-01-26
Venezuela, Estado Táchira, road to La Fundación, San Jose De Bolivar. Ven. Quad. 5839

Hyphodontia J. Erikss.
ARIZ-M-AN13990A.E. Liberta & A. Navas   21-511975-08-21
Venezuela, Distrito Federal, Parque Nacional El Avila

AN 036755H.H. Whetzel & A.S.. Müller   28001939-02-21
Venezuela, Venezuelan Capital District, American Embassy, Caracas

ARIZ-M-AN06787   1351927-07-29
Venezuela, Puerto La Cruz

Sorataea nephroidea (Syd.) Eboh & Cummins
ARIZ-M-AN06482   1928-01-27
Venezuela, La Victoria, Aragua

Chrysocelis lupini Lagerh. & Dietel
ARIZ-M-AN06417Dumont, Samuels, & Borjas   28501971-07-24
Venezuela, Mérida, 7 Km NE of Mérida

ARIZ-M-AN22400K.P. Dumont, J.H. Haines, G.J. Samuels & A. Revas   KPO 23001981-07-18
Venezuela, Laguna Negra, E. of Laguna Mucubaji, Parc Nac. Sierra Nevada near Apartaderos Edo. Merida

Rigidoporus vinctus (Berk.) Ryvarden
AN 015898Chardon   13121932-09-27
Venezuela, Forests of San Pablo

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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