Dataset: WSP
Search Criteria: Malaysia; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Washington State University, Charles Gardner Shaw Mycological Herbarium

WSP30327M. Baker   1920-00-00
Malaysia, British North Borneo, Sandakan(?) and vicinity, 3.894684 102.486328

WSP33443Unknown   1947-11-24
Malaysia, Sarawak, Borneo, 4 115

Poronia oedipus (Mont.) Mont.
WSP58079Dr. G. Lim   1967-06-00
Malaysia, Johore: at Kuala Sedili, 1.925555 104.122101

Kretzschmaria megalospora J.D. Rogers & Y.M. Ju
WSP69721R.E. Holttum   1923-09-14
Malaysia, Malay Peninsula, 3.894684 102.486328

Biscogniauxia nawawii M.A. Whalley, Y.M. Ju, J.D. Rogers & Whalley
WSP69845M.H. Whalley   1995-04-14
Malaysia, Selangar Prov, FRIM, 3.894684 102.486328

Xylaria frascui
WSP69846M. A. Whalley   1995-04-19
Malaysia, Pahang Prov, Fraser's Hill, 3.894684 102.486328

Hypoxylon gombakense M. A. Whalley, Y-M Ju, Rogers, A. J. S. Whalley
WSP69847M. A. Whalley   1993-02-23
Malaysia, Selangor Prov, Gombak, 3.894684 102.486328

Xylaria maraca M.A. Whalley, Y.M. Ju, J.D. Rogers & Whalley
WSP69848M.A. Whalley   1997-00-00
Malaysia, Pahang Prov, Fraseus Hill, 3.894684 102.486328

WSP74955Jean R. Boise   2701986-11-06
Malaysia, Selangor, Serdang, ASEAN Plant Quarantine Institute and Training Centre (PLANTI), 2.998536 101.709236

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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