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Search Criteria: Zimbabwe; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Washington State University, Charles Gardner Shaw Mycological Herbarium

WSP34479Unknown   1932-00-00
Zimbabwe, Salisburg, Southern Rhodesia, -19 29

Ustilago hyparrheniae J.C.F. Hopkins
WSP34859Unknown   1937-00-00
Zimbabwe, Rhodesia, -19 29

WSP63940Hopkins, J.C.   1932-02-10
Zimbabwe, Nisoneddi, S. Rodesia, -19 29

Sporisorium hwangense Vánky & C. Vánky
WSP70373C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-06
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland North Province, Hwange (Wankie) National Park, Main Camp, Sedina Water Hole, -18.73416667 26.95166667, 930m

Melaniella oreophila (Syd.) R. Bauer, Vánky, Begerow & Oberw.
WSP70374C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-02-25
Zimbabwe, Manicaland Prov, 33 km SE Mutare, Vumba Botanical Garden & Reserve, -19.11666667 32.79305556, 1500m

WSP70375C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-16
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland North Province, 18 km S Lusulu, -18.03861111 27.70166667, 990m

Ustilago austro-africana Vánky & C. Vánky
WSP70376C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-02
Zimbabwe, Midlands Province, 13 km SW Zvishawane, -20.35527778 29.95555556, 950m

WSP70377C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-11
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland North Province, Hwange (Wankie) National Park, 15 km N Robins Camp, "Tshowe Loop", -18.56361111 25.99555556, 930m

WSP70378C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-02-21
Zimbabwe, Manicaland Province, 31 km SSE Nyanaga, "Scinic Route", -18.41916667 32.74888889, 1750m

Sporisorium gayanum Vánky & C. Vánky
WSP70379C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-16
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland North Province, 12 km N Lusulu, -17.98166667 27.83583333, 1010m

WSP70380C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-15
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland North Province, 25 km SE Binga, -17.8025 27.41777778, 690m

Eballistra brachiariae (Viégas) R. Bauer, Begerow, A. Nagler & Oberw.
WSP70384C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-15
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland North Province, 10 km E. Binga, -17.63055556 27.41722222, 600m

Cintractia limitata G.P. Clinton
WSP70385C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-02-28
Zimbabwe, Masvingo Province, Great Zimbabwe National Monument, -20.26861111 30.9175, 1150m

Sporisorium moniliferum (Ellis & Everh.) L. Guo
WSP70411C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-10
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland North Province, Hwange (Wankie) National Park, Robins Camp, 0.5 km on Deka Lodge Road, -18.64472222 25.97833333, 980m

Ustilago syntherismae (Schwein.) Peck
WSP70413C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-18
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland North Province, 86 km NNE Kamativi, -17.82833333 27.3575, 800m

WSP70414C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-01
Zimbabwe, Masvingo Province, 34 km Maswingo, 1.5 km on Greta Park Rd., -20.07944444 30.54138889, 1050m

WSP70422C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-02
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland South Province, 30 km SE Bulawayo, -20.28777778 28.93194444, 1180m

Ustanciosporium kuwanoanum (Togashi & Maki) K. Vanky
WSP70439C. Vanky   1999-03-19
Zimbabwe, Midland Province, 11 km SW Gweru, -19.555798 29.755928, 1040m

WSP70464K. Vanky; C. Vanky   1999-02-22
Zimbabwe, Manicaland Province, Nyanga National Park, Mtarazi Waterfalls, -18.48527778 32.79333333, 1700m

WSP70774C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-19
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland South Prov, 32 km. S Bulawayo, -20.395 28.5125, 1360m

Sporisorium dinteri (Syd. & P. Syd.) Vánky
WSP70811C. Vanky; K. Vanky   1999-03-08
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland North Prov, Hwange National Park, -18.63472222 26.26361111, 960m

Conidiosporomyces verruculosus (Wakefield) K. Vanky
WSP70429C. Vanky   1999-03-17
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland North Province, Chizarira National Park, Mucheni Gorge Viewpoint, -17.645556 27.876111, 1130m

WSP70381C. Vanky   1999-03-05
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland South Prov, 8 km S or Bulawayo, Tsabalala Game Sanctuary, -20.231944 28.571389, 1360m

WSP70430C. Vanky   1999-02-20
Zimbabwe, Mashonaland East Province, 5.5 km S of Marondera, -18.24 31.563889, 1610m

Page 1, records 1-24 of 24

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