Dataset: WSP
Taxa: Sordariaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Washington State University, Charles Gardner Shaw Mycological Herbarium

Neurospora Shear & B.O. Dodge
WSP51801A.E. Harvey   1961-01-00
United States, Idaho, Latah, Moscow, University of Idaho, Parker Farm Expterimental Plots., 46.7325 -116.99917

WSP45515D. M. Wood   1955-06-00
Canada, Manitoba, Churchill, 44.25 -79.583333

Sordaria fimicola (Roberge ex Desm.) Ces. & De Not.
WSP53425J. Rogers   1963-07-27
United States, Idaho, Idaho, Seven Devils region, Nez Perce National Forest, 45.45 -115.91667

WSP17957F. Petrak   1940-11-00
Austria, Niederdonau: Unter-Loiben bei Krems., 48.333333 15.75

WSP23595J. F. Brenckle   1929-07-05
United States, South Dakota, Spink, Northville, 45.15556 -98.57889

Sordaria anserina (Rabenh.) G. Winter
WSP45611R. F. Cain   1934-05-20
Brazil, Vicosa, Minas Geraes, -12.317662 -53.722656

Sordaria barbata E.C. Hansen
WSP45612R. F. Cain   1940-02-13
Canada, Ontario, Bear Island, Lake Temagami, 46.95 -80.083333

Sordaria coprophila (Fr.) Ces. & De Not.
WSP22237H. Fuckel   1894-00-00
Germany, Oestricherwald bei Oestrich (Nassau), 51.372506 7.634703

WSP22238H. Fuckel   1894-00-00
Germany, Auf Waldwiesen bei Eberbach und im Oestricherwald, 51.110982 10.4375

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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