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Taxa: Cortinarius violaceus
Search Criteria: Pennsylvania; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Eastern Illinois University

ILLS00110122A.S. Methven   ASM 46231986-08-01
United States, Pennsylvania, Luzerne, Highway 534 east, entrance to Pennsylvania Forestry Youth Camp No. 2, Hickory Run State Park, 41.026966 -75.713572

Field Museum of Natural History

Cortinarius violaceus (L. ex Fr.) Fr. (L. ex Fr.) Fr.
C0218483FM. C. B. Stifler   s.n.1933-09-00
U.S.A., Pennsylvania, 40.8333 -76

Mushroom Observer

MUOB 24404James V. Gallagher IV   MUOB 244042009-08-16
United States, Pennsylvania, Dauphin, Boyd Big Tree Conservation Area, 40.3557 -76.8526

MUOB 51226Dave W   MUOB 512262010-08-17
United States, Pennsylvania, Laurel Highlands, 40.1006 -79.3435

MUOB 74224Dave W   MUOB 742242011-08-18
United States, Pennsylvania, Luzerne, 41.1646 -75.9602, 222 - 666m

MUOB 178534Phil Yeager   MUOB 1785342014-09-15
United States, Pennsylvania, Mainville, 40.9804 -76.3725

MUOB 238046Linda Brynan Sears   MUOB 2380462013-09-02
United States, Pennsylvania, Shartlesville, PA State Game Lands #110, 40.5221 -76.1298

MUOB 287174Dave W   MUOB 2871742017-08-13
United States, Pennsylvania, Moon Lake Park, 41.2531 -76.047

MUOB 288343billyd   MUOB 2883432017-08-26
United States, Pennsylvania, Monroe, Delaware State Forest, 41.0288 -75.5086

MUOB 335778Yuri   MUOB 3357782018-09-29
United States, Pennsylvania, Coatesville, 39.9133 -75.7131, 121 - 121m

New York Botanical Garden

02505963L. O. Overholts   s.n.1915-09-14
United States of America, Pennsylvania, Centre Co., 40.793395 -77.860001

02505964C. L. Fergus   s.n.1977-08-03
United States of America, Pennsylvania, Centre Co., 40.919342 -77.819951

02533446C. B. Wolfe   18861986-09-06
United States of America, Pennsylvania, Adams Co., Michaux State Forest, 2 mi. east of South Mountain, 39.99037 -77.358596

02533447C. B. Wolfe   19301987-09-07
United States of America, Pennsylvania, Fulton Co., Buchanan State Forest, Blue Ridge Mountain, Sidling Hill Summit, Park, 39.87231 -78.208899

Cortinarius violaceus (L.:Fr.) Gray
02685916D. R. Sumstine   125101940-09-05
United States of America, Pennsylvania, Somerset Co., 40.160585 -79.06161

University of Maine, Richard Homola Mycological Herbarium

MAINE-F-00003684Homola, R.L.   1967-08-27
United States, Pennsylvania, Carbon, Bowmanstown

USDA United States National Fungus Collections

BPI 775595Stifler, C. B.   1933-09-00
United States, Pennsylvania, Pocono Lake Preserve, 41.102309 -75.527409

Page 1, records 1-17 of 17

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