Cornell University, Plant Pathology Herbarium (CUP)

The Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium (CUP) is a large research collection of preserved fungi and other organisms that cause plant diseases. CUP is the fourth largest mycological herbarium in North America. We hold about 400,000 fungus and plant disease specimens, including over 8000 type specimens. Our main geographic strength is northeastern North America, but we also hold important collections from the tropics including the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia and Macaronesia. Our collections include many rare fungal exsiccati as well as many authors' herbaria (Atkinson, Durand, Fairman, Gremmen, Honey, Korf, Stewart, Welch). The CUP Photograph Collection supplements our specimens and comprises roughly 60,000 historical, scientific photographs of mushrooms, agricultural practices, plant diseases, and portraits of scientists.
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Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
Management: Data snapshot of local collection database
Last Update: 30 April 2019
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Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium
334 Plant Science
236 Tower Rd, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY   14853-5904
Collection Statistics
  • 176,982 occurrence
  • 99,471 (56%) georeferenced
  • 127,742 (72%) with images
  • 1 GenBank references
  • 124,374 (70%) identified to species
  • 469 families
  • 3,372 genera
  • 27,033 species
  • 27,792 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
Extra Statistics