Scleroderma pteridis Shear
Source: Index Fungorum
Family: Sclerodermataceae
Scleroderma pteridis image
Scleroderma pteridis Shear sp. nov.:

Shear, C.L. 1902. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 29: 451

Peridlum globose or depressed-globooe, sessile, sordid white or faintly yellowish, irregularly squamooe, fibrose-radicate, 3-6 cm. diameter; wall 3-8 mm. thick. separating from the gleba in drying; gleba firm, somewhat indistinctly areolate, purplish-brown; columella none; spores irregularly globose, purplish-brown, roughened with short spines, 6-8 µ diameter.

Growing attached to dead rhizomes of Pteris aquilina in the side of a recent excavation, two or four feet below the surface and embedded in the earth.

Type no. 1115 collected by the writer, wagon road near Baker Creek, six miles west of McMinnville, Oregon, July, I899. The plant seems most nearly related to Scleroderma Geaster. None of the specimens were entirely mature so that the method of dehiscence is uncertain; but the peridium is much thicker and the spores smaller and lighter colored than in S. Geaster. The plant is remarkable on account of its subterranean habit and its connection with the rhizomes of Pteris.