Lactarius brevis Peck
Source: Index Fungorum
Family: Russulaceae
Lactarius brevis image
Charles Horton Peck  
Peck CH. 1905. Report of the State Botanist 1904. Bulletin of the New York State Museum 94: 33.

Lactarius brevis n. sp.


Pileus thin, broadly convex, plane or slightly depressed in the center, glabrous, azonate, whitish, sometimes with a slight alutaceous tinge, flesh white, milk whitish, quickly changing to sulfur yellow on exposure to the air, taste acrid; lamellae thin, narrow, crowded, adnate, whitish or pallid; stem short, equal or slightly tapering downward, solid or somewhat spongy within, glabrous, white; spores subglobose, .0003 of an inch long, .00025-.0003 broad.

Pileus 1-2 inches broad; stem about i inch long, 2-4 lines thick. This species is closely related to L. theiogalus from which it may be separated by its white or whitish color, its smaller size, solid or stuffed stem and the absence of tomentum from the base of the stem.