Boletus rugosiceps Peck
Source: Index Fungorum
Family: Boletaceae
Boletus rugosiceps image
Charles Horton Peck  
Peck CH. 1905. Report of the State Botanist 1904. Bulletin of the New York State Museum 94: 20.

Boletus rugosiceps n. sp.

PLATE Q, FIG. 6-10

Pileus firm, fleshy, very convex or hemispheric, becoming broadly convex, dry, rugosely pitted, ochraceous, sometimes tinged with red or orange, occasionally rimose areolate, the thin margin often extending slightly beyond the tubes, flesh white or whitish ; tubes at first closed, depressed around the stem, their mouths yellow, becoming darker with age, minute, round; stem firm, subequal, solid, with elevated longitudinal lines or ridges, dotted with numerous brownish or yellowish points, pallid, often narrowed at the base; spores oblong fusiform, .0006-.0008 of an inch long, .0002-.00024 broad.